Where’s Monopoly?

In my final year at the University of Wollongong, I am undertaking BCM300 as a part of my Digital and Social Media major. Game Experience Design is an exciting subject for me as it will introduce me to new tabletop games as well as different game experiences with my peers. Through the first two weeks... Continue Reading →

Video game streamers and their reactions.

For my ethnographic study this semester, I decided to focus on young video game streamers and their spatial awareness as well as how they respond to certain questions being asked of them. After hours upon hours of researching, I was unable to find sufficient data to explore the practice, which made me shift my ethnography's... Continue Reading →

The Finale: Microtransactions in sports gaming.

Throughout this semester for my BCM215 digital artefact I have been focusing on quite a significant topic, micro-transactions and their impact on sports gaming. The process I have undertaken focuses on the engagement between myself and the audience on the platform, Reddit, which is a great social platform to talk about important topics and have... Continue Reading →

Numero Dos: Critical Reflection

Following a long digital artefact process, it has come to the stage where I undertook an analysis of three separate digital artefact beta blog posts and their ongoing process. The comments that I constructed and posted gave encouraging feedback as well as constructive criticism regarding their overall work so far as well as their future... Continue Reading →


This week, I have decided to undertake a written auto-ethnography based on a television experience that has made my weeknights both memorable and enjoyable. In my experience, television has been a great ordeal. I have had several sentimental memories of relaxing and enjoyable viewings as well as viewings that brought people together. 'Have You Been... Continue Reading →

A Safe Haven.

Digital Ethnography is a very interesting idea that aims at an experience that is somewhat relative to some type of digital media paradox. The following masterpiece will be an auto-ethnographic look into a digital media experience of my own, this piece of media is something that I interact with daily. Since I was young, I... Continue Reading →

The 2K Effect.

In our society, everyone has a piece of technology and their usage of these devices is at a historic all-time high which is honestly not surprising at all. I am a person that is affected by the use of mobile phones or just technology in general. There are times when I seem to lose control... Continue Reading →

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