Digital Surroundings.

For the majority of my life, I have been constantly surrounded by technology due to my Dad having a job in the field as well as myself having the desire to seek new technology and consistently adding more and more to my life. Nowadays, most industries have moved from paper-based materials to more technology-based materials... Continue Reading →

A Surreal Cinematic Experience.

Like many others, my overall cinematic experience has been great due to just being excited to see a movie with my mates or the fact that a huge screen is projecting a piece of art with stunning audio and video. One experience that I recently had stood out the most to me and that was... Continue Reading →

Critical Self-Reflection of Comments

Throughout my digital artefact process, several reviews of other digital artefacts were undertaken to ensure and better understand my knowledge of certain people's digital artefacts. The main resources that I included in my comments were either articles or statistics found in certain academic sources. I tried to keep my comments at a reasonable length as... Continue Reading →

Micro-transactions in sports gaming.

Micro-transactions are extremely popular in video games but even more popular in sports video games. Games such as NBA 2K and FIFA are driven by the players purchases of virtual currency and loot boxes. With micro-transactions being included in sports titles for an extended period of time, these big name companies have drastically increased their... Continue Reading →

BCM212 Task 3 – Reflection

The survey I have conducted, while being seen as quite successful in my eyes, had several weaknesses. The first problem I encountered with this assessment was clearly my time management. I always seem to leave my assessments to the last minute which especially hasn’t helped me in this assessment as I didn’t have as many... Continue Reading →

Does listening to music improve study?

Music is huge in the eyes of University students. It is almost a must for students to have a music playlist or a paid music service. With the use of music among students rising and the discounted music service prices for students, it begs the question: Does listening to music actually improve study? Some students... Continue Reading →

Digital Artefact: Making.

Throughout this, now, 3 stage process I have learned a lot of new ways to promote, create and be bothered to actually post content on different platforms. As you might've seen in the previous two modules, I'm currently running a 'brand' called Hardwood Rundown that is attached to both Instagram and YouTube (YouTube has been incorporated... Continue Reading →

Week 12: The Internet of Things.

Yo! This weeks topic of discussion was the IoT (Internet of Things) concept and it's actually a really awesome idea when you really think about it. According to IoTAgenda, the internet of things, or IoT, is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique... Continue Reading →

Week 11: Dark Fiber.

Hey! This weeks riveting topic was dark fiber and the impact of cyber crime on the internet. The internet is a HUGE realm filled with all types of people posting interesting and not so interesting things each day. But one significant issue on the internet is the unauthorised collection of data from hackers. This is... Continue Reading →

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