Memetic Soccer: My Contribution.

Hey! It's Jack and the following post describes my contribution to the group project for BCM300 - Game Experience Design. I am in a group with three other group members, Nick Childs, Thomas Talevski and Kendal Louis. Overall, a determined and creative group who, as a team, have come up with a great idea for... Continue Reading →

The Next 2: The Future of Micro-transactions in Sports Gaming.

Hey peeps, I addressed all things DA in my beta video down below. As I mentioned, I changed my DA focus from the future of CGI to the future of micro-transactions in sports gaming. The aim of my digital artefact is to identify what fan's of popular sports games believe the future of micro-transactions is... Continue Reading →

Tweet, tweet, tweet!

I have really enjoyed the live-tweeting aspect of BCM325 Future Cultures, it has made me feel as if I'm engaging with my peers as well as engaging with the wider material provided by others. For the first five weeks of this semester, we have been watching a different film each week that looks at how... Continue Reading →

Hoopsquad: The Battle of the NBA Stars

Ever since I was a little kid, I have been an avid basketball fan and mostly supporting the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA. Personally, the years of suffering the terrible losses and historical blows made the 2016 NBA Finals win even more precious. Anyways, enough of that, let's get into my epic BCM300 Game Experience... Continue Reading →

What do we have here?

G'day peeps, This blog post will be highlighting my comments on three different Digital Artefact pitches. Throughout this process, I have given feedback that will both help and motivate my fellow students to seek further resources and research further into their own Digital Artefacts. Let's get into it! Alana's idea was an interesting one and... Continue Reading →

The Future of CGI

In my final year at the University of Wollongong, I am undertaking BCM325 as a part of my Digital and Social Media major. Future Cultures is an exciting subject for me as it will introduce me to different theories of the future of our world as well as giving me insight to what people see... Continue Reading →

Where’s Monopoly?

In my final year at the University of Wollongong, I am undertaking BCM300 as a part of my Digital and Social Media major. Game Experience Design is an exciting subject for me as it will introduce me to new tabletop games as well as different game experiences with my peers. Through the first two weeks... Continue Reading →

Video game streamers and their reactions.

For my ethnographic study this semester, I decided to focus on young video game streamers and their spatial awareness as well as how they respond to certain questions being asked of them. After hours upon hours of researching, I was unable to find sufficient data to explore the practice, which made me shift my ethnography's... Continue Reading →

The Finale: Microtransactions in sports gaming.

Throughout this semester for my BCM215 digital artefact I have been focusing on quite a significant topic, micro-transactions and their impact on sports gaming. The process I have undertaken focuses on the engagement between myself and the audience on the platform, Reddit, which is a great social platform to talk about important topics and have... Continue Reading →

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