Week 12: The Internet of Things.

Yo! This weeks topic of discussion was the IoT (Internet of Things) concept and it's actually a really awesome idea when you really think about it. According to IoTAgenda, the internet of things, or IoT, is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique... Continue Reading →

Week 11: Dark Fiber.

Hey! This weeks riveting topic was dark fiber and the impact of cyber crime on the internet. The internet is a HUGE realm filled with all types of people posting interesting and not so interesting things each day. But one significant issue on the internet is the unauthorised collection of data from hackers. This is... Continue Reading →

Week 10: Digital Resistance.

Yo! This week's topic is digital resistance and 'hacktivism'. The ongoing development of the internet has given everyone the idea that all information needs to be free and available for anyone. Majority of us know that this isn't the case. Upper-class organisations such as the government have several secrets protected by endless amounts of firewalls,... Continue Reading →

Week 9: The Social Networking Revolution.

G'day! This weeks topic of discussion is the revolution of social networking. There are many scenarios in today's society where social media is the key element in conducting social changes. In this uprising paradigm of social media, people that come from lower-status countries finally have a platform where they can voice their concerns and opinions... Continue Reading →

Week 8: Bridges Made of Pebbles.

This weeks topic is focused on the idea of figurative bridges that are made out of pebbles as well as the conceptual shift of social media. As we know, there are two ways we consume media, passive and active. Passively consuming media is an old idea that focuses on the simplistic viewing of media and... Continue Reading →

Week 7: Apple vs. Android.

Hey guys, This week's topic was based on the battle between Apple and Android. For so long, consumers have been purchasing Apple products as they are comfortable with the company as well as the ecosystem that Apple provides, ranging from phones to watches. BUT! Android has been on a rapid rise for the past few... Continue Reading →

Week 6: iFeudals.

Hey everyone, This week's topic is the feudalisation of the internet. The comparison between the 15th century feudal system to the current era walled gardens and companies that provide safe security for information. Feudalism is a lax and highly contested term. It is a patchwork of practices scattered over centuries. The economy is land-based and... Continue Reading →

Week 4: Liquid Labour.

Hey guys, welcome back to another blog post for¬†Future Networks. This week's topic is 'liquid labour' as well as the price of immaterial production and global media industries. A problem that is easily identified in today's society is that network coordination can be quite expensive as well as there being transaction costs. When there's a... Continue Reading →

Week 3: The Network Society Paradigm.

Hey guys, hope you're all well. In this week's lecture, Ted heavily placed emphasis on the¬†Network Society Paradigm as well as talking about cyberspace and different types of technologies. Sputnik-1 is a revolutionary technology that was developed in the late-1950s. It was a distributed network that gave the end user control (this control was distributed... Continue Reading →

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