Digital Artefact: Making.

Throughout this, now, 3 stage process I have learned a lot of new ways to promote, create and be bothered to actually post content on different platforms. As you might've seen in the previous two modules, I'm currently running a 'brand' called Hardwood Rundown that is attached to both Instagram and YouTube (YouTube has been incorporated... Continue Reading →

Digital Artefact: Prototyping.

So a few things have happened since I pitched my project as well as the previous digital artefact blog post. Although I said I'd be posting regularly on both Instagram and YouTube, I have done the complete opposite and that comes down to my laziness which I'm not too happy about. I think I've always... Continue Reading →

Digital Artefact: Ideating.

I've always loved basketball and last semester I ran a basketball-based Instagram page where I regularly posted updates on scores and news. This semester I'm changing my approach and I'm focusing on building my confidence and video skills through YouTube as well as using my current basketball-based Instagram page as a platform to promote my... Continue Reading →

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