Let’s Review Japan! Vol. 2

We have come to the final stages of the review process this semester with the second and final volume of “Let’s Review Japan!” where I critique and give feedback to two Digital Artefacts presented by Nick Childs and Isabella Ambrosi respectively.

Starting off with Nick, I totally get the slow start to the DA process as I experienced the same start. It can be hard to get motivated and move forward consistently with creating and producing content but it was encouraging to see that Nick has kept his head up and tried to maintain a somewhat sense of consistency. The fact that Nick is incorporating ideas from both Ted and his peers is great and is really addressing the feedback loops and it seems as if he is constantly reiterating his production methods and creative approach. Making use of the hashtag generator is good considering he is taking in feedback and it definitely seems to be creating more engagement and feedback from his target audience. Good to know that he is narrowing his content down to one distinct niche group.

Engaging with different Japanese-inspired Instagram accounts is a great idea as well as it can lead to even more engagement and brings up opportunities for collaboration, which is an important aspect to consider when going through any DA process. Nick has been choosing some really aesthetically pleasing photos that can lure in users to his page, he has focused on colours and historical landmarks around Japan that brings some more attention to the culture. I only have one thing to suggest to Nick and that would be to switch his account to a professional or business account as he has over 100 followers and with that feature enabled, he will be able to view more of his demographic and recognise who is viewing his content and how users are engaging with it. Keep up the solid work mate!

Finally we have Isabella, who is running a travelling-inspired Instagram account that focuses on her travels throughout Japan as well as her opinions on the best places to visit around the country. Isabella has had quite a big jump in her engagement over the past month or so and that is much accredited to her taking in the advice and feedback from both Ted and her peers as well as her own judgement. All the content that Isabella is posting is all her own content, which adds both a personal touch and a professional one as well, as she is not taking photos from other sites or other accounts around social media.

Isabella has pinpointed the best time to post and she discovered that the afternoons were best and the idea that she is starting to engage with other Japanese-inspired travelling and photography accounts is a great piece to incorporate into the DA process. I like the idea of the potential expansion into Reddit, Isabella tried this method and she didn’t get much engagement but my recommendation is to find some niche Japanese-inspired subreddits that she can post her pictures or videos into just to get an idea of what the broader community thinks of her content. Even asking questions regarding best places to eat or stay could generate engagement but I would try and make it a question that starts a discussion as that is where the best engagement lies. Overall, Isabella has adapted and improved on her content production largely and it is very encouraging to see heading into the final weeks of the Spring session.


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