The Future of Hardwood Rundown…

Above you can see a 3-and-a-bit minute video that details what my intentions are for the remainder of this session with my YouTube channel ‘Hardwood Rundown’. It has been a rough few weeks, I haven’t uploaded and I definitely haven’t stuck to my schedule. Just to rehash what I am doing, I will be posting two MyCareer videos a week that are not live commentary. I will also be posting regular posts on Reddit and engaging with the community through their own posts, giving feedback and discussing core gameplay issues or general discussion of positive things happening within the game.

Instead of talking about the actual game I’m playing, I will try and incorporate NBA talk which will be give the audience and myself something to talk about. There are many different things that we can talk about even with the NBA season recently coming to an end. I think with the MyCareer series, I could make it more entertaining by adding in clips of me in real life just talking about NBA or just the game in general. It could make my videos more unique and definitely more incline to get consistent engagement.

A way that I can share my videos is through Facebook as I have plenty more friends on there compared to Instagram and it could be a good opportunity to get my content out there. It has worked for me in the past and has given me confidence knowing that my content is being viewed by several amounts of people.

It will definitely be interesting to see how far this content creation can go and using an easy platform such as YouTube is great and playing my favourite game and showcasing it to the world is even better!

Thanks for watching and reading, peace!

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