Let’s Review Japan! Vol. 1

There is a consistent theme throughout this peer review and it comes from two great projects from two of my good friends, Isabella and Nick! Nick has focused primarily on the aesthetics of Japan, whereas Isabella has focused on the top places to visit in Japan and I believe that it is a really nice contrast. Without further or do, let’s get right into it!

Nick Childs

Nick, you have continued your ‘Japanese Bliss’ Instagram DA and that is truly great to see considering how much success you had with it last time. I think the ideal scheduling method that you have mapped out will benefit you greatly and having a post every few days is great. Stories are a great way to interact with your audience and if I was you, I would try to do at least one story a day as it will help you gain a bit more traction on your page and allow you to get more content out there for your audience to look at.

You could even schedule your posts at the start of the week by using Later, a platform for Instagram that allows you to schedule several posts for your week ahead. Curating content on a Sunday and scheduling them for Monday, Wednesday and Friday means that you won’t have to worry too much about getting content out there since it is already scheduled and you can just try and focus on posting a story a day in order to back up the content you have already posted to your feed. I also just noticed that you aren’t using Reddit this time round, I would strongly consider using Reddit as well in order to get some more engagement with your content since it worked really well for you last time.

Isabella Ambrosi

Isabella, it’s great to see that you are, as well, continuing your DA from previous subjects. You found a good consistency in terms of posting and sharing content on your Instagram page ‘Travelling Japan’. The way in which you’ll be sharing and curating content is great and I think two posts a week along with one blog post a week is totally easy to handle. The only suggestion I would make is to add stories of some videos you took while you were in Japan as it shows your audience what it is like to be a tourist wandering around a foreign country. The idea to branch out to Reddit is also a fantastic idea and one that I suggested to Nick in the above comments. I use Reddit regularly and I love the platform, it is a very interesting social channel and a unique one at that.

Sharing your experience with others is a fantastic way to get good engagement as well as giving the audience hope that there is a future sooner rather than later for their travelling dreams. You mentioned something interesting in your pitch video, you want to ‘inspire’ your audience and that is a great motive to have behind your DA as it gives you something to work towards and something to achieve.

Overall, the two projects sound great so far and I can’t wait to review them in the next volume of this blog post.


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