Welcome to Hardwood Rundown…

It has been a good, lengthy break but classes have finally returned for the Spring session and that means DA’s are back in full force. I’m really excited for the session as I am starting a little passion project that I have been wanting to start for a very long time. Here it is.

There were a few things that I didn’t have time to include in the video so I will quickly cover them here. Hardwood Rundown is relevant to sports fans but in a more focused sense, basketball fans. Basketball content isn’t so much targeted at a niche audience but a larger community so it can be harder to get content out there to users but it also isn’t hard to look deeper into the realms of YouTube so it will be interesting to see what the feedback loops consist of.

I have already come up with some ideas for content distribution and how I will be sharing this content. I will be posting the content through my personal Instagram account as well as my Twitter account which has over 100 followers. But with all of this said, I’m ecstatic to get going with this project and looking forward to how it all pans out.


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