The Future Beta: A Review

G’day peeps,

The following post is a summary of the feedback I have given to three selected peers based on their DA betas and their progress throughout the projects they have undertaken so far. The aim of this review is to assist my peers with the future progress of their DA. The three peers I chose were Nick Childs, Kendal Louis and Isabella Ambrosi.

The first post I commented on was Nick’s.

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 9.55.13 am

Nick’s beta was very insightful and it is clear that he has made good progress with his Digital Artefact. The idea of engaging with different people using Reddit is a fantastic idea as Reddit is a very diverse platform where you can talk about almost anything and it is great to see that Nick is finding good success in that area. In terms of further research and ideas for Nicks DA, I suggested that he watches the 2014 film, Interstellar. The film looks into space as a separate entity and the idea of space travel. Nick could get some good ideas from watching the film.

The second post I commented on was Kendal’s.

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 9.56.21 am

The progress in which Kendal has made with his Digital Artefact is quite good, he has researched different areas and the pros/cons of digital communication. He has had some very good engagement on Reddit with very lengthy paragraph responses and he seems to be on the right track for a successful DA outcome. He has been using certain subreddits in order to relate with a suitable audience and it seems to be paying off for Kendal. I gave Kendal a link to an external article that looks into the new digital communications paradigm and the ideology of connecting with others via technology.

The final post that I commented on was Isabella’s.

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 9.55.59 am

Virtual reality is a very good topic to research for a Digital Artefact and I would say that Isabella has executed fantastically with her project. It seems like a pattern across all these posts but Isabella has been using Reddit as well and has done it quite well also. She has had some quality engagement with her intended audience and has started discussions with this audience. Conversing about topics people are passionate about is great and it creates more opportunity for the larger community to participate. She got given some good feedback via the audience she was targeting and it should help her with the end of the road nearing for her project. I also gave Isabella a link to a YouTube video looking into the future of VR gaming. This could definitely help her provide more detail about the gaming world as it is a largely populated topic of discussion in terms of the future of virtual reality.


I would say I gave some good, constructive feedback to my peers throughout this review and I am very excited to see the approach that Nick, Kendal and Isabella all take to further progress with their Digital Artefacts.

Peace! ✌🏽


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