Hoopsquad: An Update

Hey everyone,

So far my progress on Hoopsquad has been very minimal but I am working on a few game mechanics. The rules are still being put together. This has been a rollercoaster ride of a semester with a lot of demotivation. I haven’t done much work on Hoopsquad but have basically come up with this:

  • Each player gets seven cards in their starter deck; expansion packs will be available for purchase with special themes and different editions of cards.
  • In a game, the player will use three of their cards for a 3v3 game where the winner is determined via attribute battles.
  • Each card has a special ability that can be used at any time and that can affect the outcome of a certain matchup.
  • Rules are being put in place where cards can only verse cards of the same tier which makes it easier for matchmaking.

The ideas listed above are basic but with further guidance and feedback from my peers as well as Chris, I believe that my DA is on the right track.

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