Memetic Soccer: My Contribution.


It’s Jack and the following post describes my contribution to the group project for BCM300 – Game Experience Design.

I am in a group with three other group members, Nick Childs, Thomas Talevski and Kendal Louis. Overall, a determined and creative group who, as a team, have come up with a great idea for a game. With not much preparation going into the task, we decided to have a Zoom call a few days out from submission and it actually turned into a very productive session as we decided on the game title as well as the mechanics and themes that the game would undertake.

The game we have come up with is called ‘Memetic Soccer’, basically the title is the game. You control a team of 7 memetic characters such as Big Chungus or Shrek and play against an opponent using chess-like mechanics. A few core mechanics we decided on included:

  • Picture/character cards using 3 decks (1 for attackers, 1 for midfield, 1 for defence),
  • A soccer ball that players use to score and earn points for their respective teams,
  • Specific player movement which allows certain positions to move a certain number of spaces in a specific direction.
  • Signature player abilities; the winner of a player matchup is determined by a battle of player abilities.

In terms of my individual contribution to the project, I will be in charge of determining all the movements and chess-like mechanics that the game offers to its players. I originally was more interested in creating the characters for the game but then decided to sacrifice my personal ambitions for the group and aimed towards determining the player movements which is a more suitable task for me as I grew up playing chess with my grandad a lot and that will help me coming up with the movements available to the players of ‘Memetic Soccer’. I will be researching aspects of chess that could affect the gameplay experience that users have. The research is listed below:

Different pieces have different powers of movement, capture, and promotion, and interact with other pieces based on ownership and piece type.”

The quote that I found throughout my research correlates with the game as we are giving players the chance to have different pieces with signature abilities, adding unpredictability and thrill to Memetic Soccer. The pieces do interact with one another and the aim of the interactions is for the elimination of the opponents piece from the defence of the attackers run. The piece itself is only removed for the goal attack but it still proves a harder pill to swallow for the opponent when the attacker scores the goal.

Although there is only one academic source here, it sets the foundation for our whole project. It describes, simply but deeply, the aim of our game and the affect that it will have on the overall user experience. Clearly, more research needs to be done but for now, I am quite content with the piece I found and I am looking forward to contributing further to the development and prototyping of Memetic Soccer.

See you online!


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