The Next 2: The Future of Micro-transactions in Sports Gaming.

Hey peeps,

I addressed all things DA in my beta video down below. As I mentioned, I changed my DA focus from the future of CGI to the future of micro-transactions in sports gaming. The aim of my digital artefact is to identify what fan’s of popular sports games believe the future of micro-transactions is and how it can affect the business side of sports video games.

The progress that I have made so far has been very underwhelming but this was mostly due to me being demotivated. With this said, I feel as if now I am on the right track and am looking forward to the final weeks of this DA. Check out my Reddit here to see the posts I’ve made regarding the before and after switch of focus.


8 thoughts on “The Next 2: The Future of Micro-transactions in Sports Gaming.

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  1. Hey Jack!

    I definitely feel the unwavering amount of demotivation in the air too, like you I’ve had difficulty adjusting to the online learning method, having said that, its a change I’ve now gotten used too. I very much like the new direction you are taking your DA in, and sensible to call it quits on the other idea since seeing little or no progress with it. Microtransactions in games especially sports games are nowadays incredibly prevalent and looks like they won’t be leaving anytime soon. I found a great article you may find of use which highlights how microtransactions are deeply integrated into the core mechanics of games nowadays and it’s almost now a given that microtransactions will be in games.

    Good luck with the rest of the DA I look forward to seeing your progress!

    Cheers Nick


  2. Hey Jack,

    I’ve been pretty demotivated too, I just feel like there’s so much going on and I’m constantly confused with whats due and whats not. If you ain’t feeling your DA anymore, I think that making the switch is the right choice. Funnily enough, I’m pretty sure that I also commented on your micro transactions DA last year? (I could be wrong though.)

    Microtransactions are only ever going to get bigger, and I actually did something similar to you last year! I focused on the lootbox system in video games which are mostly funded by microtransactions. This article in particular:
    Is a really good read. Additionally, you can also check out my blog for my DA and that may help you out a little bit too!

    Glad to hear your back on track!


  3. Hi Jack, I definitely feel as if the demotivation of online learning is relatable! It is great that you have taken feedback from your pitch onboard, and have moved onto a topic you hold greater interest for!
    I have downloaded many games before that I will be enjoying, when suddenly, the game tries to make me pay to progress! This shows how relevant your topic is at the moment! Further, after reading the articles I have linked below, it is evident that microtransactions in the gaming industry are only continuing to become the new norm. In your research, as a futurist, you should ensure you analyse the recent past of microtransactions, before delving into what they are today, and may be in the future. What will the world of microtransactions look like with and without intervention? Maybe you can outline the possible futures, and analyse the desirability of each. What policies should be put in place to achieve the desired future of microtransactions?

    View at

    View at


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