The Future of CGI

In my final year at the University of Wollongong, I am undertaking BCM325 as a part of my Digital and Social Media major. Future Cultures is an exciting subject for me as it will introduce me to different theories of the future of our world as well as giving me insight to what people see in the future, which is very interesting and intriguing. The topic I will be investigating for my Digital Artefact this semester will be a fan’s perspective of CGI (computer-generated imagery) and determining the differences between good and bad CGI.

In terms of my target audience, I will be aiming my digital artefact at those who are avid fans of Sci-Fi/Superhero movies like Star Wars and the MCU series. There are great examples in these movies of both good and bad CGI and giving the fans a chance to express their opinions could greatly help my investigation. According to, Avengers: Age of Ultron was relatively good in terms of CGI but Iron Man would come into a scene and he would look like an unrendered deleted scene model from the first Iron Man movie. It will be interesting to see what the perspectives of the fans would be considering I am a fan myself and can notice the difference between good and bad CGI, which I noticed in The Black Panther in a few scenes towards the end of the film.

The future of CGI is concerning and exciting at the same time, I will be asking fans via Reddit of what they think the future of CGI will look like as well as giving them examples to consider. I will also be giving my own input into the investigation I will be undertaking as it will give my Digital Artefact the flexibility by having multiple opinions available to assist the research. An article written by Jesus Diaz of Fast Company states that “Most CGI in movies–natural landscapes, weather phenomena, buildings, and all kinds of objects–is now indistinguishable from reality.”. I will be using this quote as well as many other forms of research as a foundation for my investigation into the future of computer-generated imagery.

Reddit is a huge platform and the fact that it has 330 million monthly users means that there is room for a lot of social interaction, which is perfect for an investigation of the future of computer-generated imagery. A 2019 statistic posed that posts with questions receive the most comments with these types of posts getting twice the amount of replies as regular posts. All of the posts I make on Reddit will be questions because they receive more comments which means more research and data available to use in my investigation. It is an exciting approach as I will be able to interact with a lot more people and will make me confident about my overall approach to my digital artefact.

Hopefully you all stay tuned to the progression of my digital artefact and I am very excited to see how my investigation turns out.

Thanks for reading! 😊

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