Numero Dos: Critical Reflection

Following a long digital artefact process, it has come to the stage where I undertook an analysis of three separate digital artefact beta blog posts and their ongoing process. The comments that I constructed and posted gave encouraging feedback as well as constructive criticism regarding their overall work so far as well as their future content. Further, I provided these students with both academic sources and secondary research which can allow them to deeply understand their topics in a more scholarly sense.

The first comment that I wrote was for Nick Childs who is undertaking an analysis of loot boxes and its impact on gamers. Nick had done some extensive research in the lead up to the beta and you could definitely see how well prepared he was. I tried to be relative throughout this process as I also had trouble with being motivated to record a podcast series. It just was not a feasible option for either of us. I applauded him for his choice to move to Reddit as I also did that and have found recent success with the platform and I believe it can strongly benefit both of us. A topic I bought up was the fact that Call of Duty is now including weapon loot boxes in their upcoming title, Modern Warfare, and I gave him an article that basically explained it all in depth as well as how it currently is impacting its community. I feel like I helped Nick in this scenario and wished him all the best.

The second of my comments that I wrote was for Emma Pazarkoski who had an interesting topic regarding women in video games and their underrepresentation. As I previously commented on her pitch, I understood what her topic entailed and that her research was very thought out and in depth. Emma switched from a series of blog posts to a mini podcast series which I supported wholeheartedly as I don’t think a blog post series would be feasible at all since it would be potentially boring for the audience as well as mentally draining for the writer. I also suggested that Emma should look into the differences between male and female representation in video games and try to find a middle ground where they are both equal. In my opinion, I gave some good advice and I wished her all the best.

The final comment I wrote was for Nicole Papadimas who had a fantastic topic choice regarding nostalgia in video games and primarily focusing on the new remastered game, Crash Team Racing. Previously, I commented on her DA pitch so I was familiar with her topic choice and how she was going to approach the digital artefact. I commended Nicole on her both structuralist and post-structuralist approach as I felt both approaches could significantly help boost the overall outcome of her digital artefact. I gave her a suggestion which was to look at both sides of nostalgia and take into account the negatives of nostalgia. I also dropped a link in there to help her research and so Nicole can gain a deeper understanding into the negatives of nostalgia in video games.

Overall, the process of these comments have been beneficial for me as I feel like I have improved my overall critique and have gained the confidence to offer friendly advice to fellow students.

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