The Next: Micro-transactions in sports gaming.

Moving on from my original DA pitch, I’ve worked towards creating a more simple idea that can incorporate feedback and increase engagement resulting in better results for myself as a researcher. In this scenario, the most difficult part of this process was trying to find time to record a few episodes of my podcast series and it became increasingly difficult when I was struggling to write notes on what to talk about, which was due to a lack of motivation and attempting to research for different sources. Instead of trying to find time, I decided to switch my focus from podcast to Reddit. I’ve had great success using Reddit previously and thought it would be perfect for what I am aiming to achieve.

Now, obviously Reddit is a huge platform and has been around for a significantly long time, longer than most social media platforms. It was because of this that my engagement and feedback was quite good compared to other posts on the subreddits I chose to post in. I have done two posts so far, one in r/gaming and the other in r/NBA2K. I began with a post in r/gaming, asking a general question about micro-transactions and if they’re good or bad.

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 5.00.14 pm.png

I had some decent engagement with this post with around 15 comments from different users with their own unique opinions. The second post I made was much better with around 30 comments and even gave other users the opportunity to have conversations with others regarding micro-transactions in the NBA2K series.

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 5.01.23 pm.png

The feedback that I received from my posts gave my the utmost confidence that this project will be a success and with consistency and good content, I believe I will thrive on this platform.

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  1. Hi Jack,

    I think that the subject of microtransactions and the idea of paying to play are particularly interesting topics to explore!

    I agree that the podcast format didn’t suit the scope nor the content of your Digital Artefact, so it’s great to see that you have relocated your DA to a new platform. However, I think in doing so, you should pay special attention to whether your new operational prototype (now on Reddit) fulfils the requirements of the Digital Artefact criteria contained in the subject outline. You have indicated that you have already posted several questions to various subreddits, but I’m not sure as to whether this is crowd-sourcing your research for a final capstone Digital Artefact, or do the questions themselves constitute your DA?

    If the latter is the case, I would encourage you to carefully consider if you are engaging deeply enough with the content. Perhaps you could create a Video Essay, providing commentary through the lens of a scholarly theory or a Blog Post aggregating the content and responses you have gained on Reddit through an analytical framework?

    After doing some additional research into the concept of microtransactions in video games, I came across the following sources that I feel may help to enhance your DA:

    Kain, E. (2019). This Is Why Video Game Microtransactions Aren’t Going Anywhere. [online] Available at:

    King, D. and Delfabbro, P. (2018). Video Game Monetization (e.g., ‘Loot Boxes’): A Blueprint for Practical Social Responsibility Measures. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, [online] 17(1), pp.166-179. Available at:

    Overall, you are doing well with your DA and I look forward to seeing it continue to develop in the future.

    Josh 🙂

    On another note, I’m digging the Avengers Infinity War poster you’ve got in the background of your video; mad respect bro!


  2. Hey Jack,

    Like you I’m also doing some research on loot boxes and how they affect the game itself, and also how they affect those who are playing it.

    Using Reddit is probably the best bet for the layout and idea you have going on as it’s a really open source of information and perspectives about the controversial topics that loot boxes are. While the podcast idea could of worked I agree that it would have been a lot more time consuming and challenging whereas you can get the same results with your current idea with less effort.

    I think a good idea in regards to reddit is to post on not only r/gaming, but also similarly broad subreddits like r/ps4 and r/xboxone. This will further create more engagement to a large, but diverse audience.

    On my post, you mentioned the effects of loot boxes and gambling, which I took onbard and used in my beta pitch. Since we are both studying similar topics, it might be an idea to chuck an analysis of that in your DA too. Here’s a couple of articles that highlight and explain this concept:

    Looking good!

    Best of luck.


  3. Hey Jack, it was lovely to hear about your project.

    It’s incredibly smart that you used something that you’re familiar with as not only are you more inclined to complete work on it, but it also sets you up with the advantage that you most likely know more information regarding your topic than the regular person to begin with.

    I like the use of Reddit as a source and as you found out, not only did it work for you in previous working conditions, but it has continued to work and supply information towards the completion of your assignment. Although Reddit has the possibilities for a vast array of information, I do feel as though it’s important for you to research your topic academically also.

    I went searching for additional information surrounding your topic and found a scholarly source that you may be inclined to use within your final project. To briefly summarise, the source focuses on microtransactions in gaming as a whole and how regulations surrounding microtransactions should be placed due to its “gambling” nature. Whether you agree or disagree, all that we know for sure is that game developers use it for revenue… and it works.

    Keep up the good work!

    Regards, Em.

    Source as mentioned above:,%20Matthew#?


  4. Hi Jack,

    I instantly related to your struggle with filming videos for your digital artefact as I also feel that same discomfort of filming when people are home – it’s great you were able to iterate your DA and jump straight onto Reddit as it seems like a good platform for your chosen topic.

    You have a great research topic and have clearly made a lot of progress. Your decision to switch platforms has turned out for the better and as you already are familiar and comfortable with the platform it will make the overall experience of your DA a lot better! I see a lot of potential for your DA already based off the feedback loops you are already engaging in on Reddit – in the end the upvotes matter less than the engagement and conversation you are creating in the comments section – so you are definitely on the right track!

    One thing you could look into is the impact of microtransactions not only on a general scale but specifically the impact it can have on young children and people under 18 – especially in games where it is essential to win.

    In the article ‘The games industry shouldn’t be ripping off children’, ( it’s stated that “93% of 10-16 year-olds in the UK regularly play computer games with 49% thinking online games are only fun when they do spend” – I think this will be an interesting article for you to look into to further expand your area of research.

    Excited to see your final product!

    Nicole 🙂


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