The 2K Effect.

In our society, everyone has a piece of technology and their usage of these devices is at a historic all-time high which is honestly not surprising at all. I am a person that is affected by the use of mobile phones or just technology in general. There are times when I seem to lose control of the amount of time I’m using a device and a perfect example of this is my Playstation, so today I present to you ‘The 2K Effect’.

I loved video games growing up as well as sport so the perfect combination when I was 11-13 years old was rugby or NRL video games on my Xbox 360 and this was largely due to my love for both games since I played both sports. Once I got to about 14 years old, my love shifted from rugby to basketball which honestly was the greatest decision I had made in the real world at that time. This presented the opportunity to switch sports video games from Rugby League Live and Rugby 08 to NBA 2K which was arguably one of the most revolutionary sports game in the ‘next gen’ era. My first 2K game was NBA 2K11 but I really fell in love with the series when I got NBA 2K13 for Christmas and I would play the game almost everyday and it made me so happy. I would be able to create a player based on my real life self and play for my favourite team without having to spend money on any micro-transactions. I was having the time of my life.

The first negative impact that NBA 2K had on my life was when I had NBA 2K17. In my opinion this was one of the best 2K game because it was the most simple, it had a great career storyline as well as it giving me the most joy. The real downside of me playing this game was that I played it everyday and it really affected my Year 12 because I would focus more on the game than my hugely important studies. I got a terrible ATAR and didn’t pass any of my HSC trial exams and it really negatively affected my home life as well as my social life. At the time, I also had a YouTube channel where I posted videos based around this game and I would spend a fair amount of time building this channel into something that, when I think about it, wasn’t even good or worth my time. My friends would play online with me all the time which was great but it really took away from our face-to-face time as we would spend most of our time gaming and talking instead of saving the conversations and topics for our face-to-face interactions which was definitely not a good thing for our friendships.

Moving on to 2019, I have much improved the amount of time I spend on my console and I’ve scaled it down to about 2-3 days a week for around 2-3 hours each day. It has positively affected my home life as well as my social life and I’ve begun focusing more on my studies than the video games. One thing that I have taken away from playing the series a lot is some good mates (shoutout Harry, Dyl, Lal, Salt and good ol’ Staf). I must say, it has been one hell of a ride.

Leave your thoughts down below, I really appreciate y’all.

Peace! ✌🏽

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