Cocooning Specialist.

Television is constantly changing and with the ongoing effects of online streaming services such as Netflix and Stan, there is definitely some scare for these digital channels. In this weeks lecture, there was a heavy emphasis placed on radio and television and how these two huge revolutionary devices bought news into the private home. Having huge streaming services now being offered across all major Smart TVs, free-to-air is slowly declining which is an attractive concept for such online streaming services.

Growing up in a house full of technology, it was hard to not be exposed to all the devices in my household. Most nights were spent with the family watching television and it mostly consisted of either reality shows or sitcoms, I have really great memories surfacing from those nights. These memories more so came about with our Sunday night tradition of watching The Block, Australian Idol or X-Factor and getting takeaway. It was really awesome sitting on the couch, eating pizza or burgers and watching some awesome reality TV.

For me now, I have definitely moved towards a new paradigm that has me focusing on several screens at one time. This mostly occurs when I am playing video games or watching television as I always seem to constantly be talking to my friends. I am a bit weird when it comes to video games as when I’m playing by myself, I have to have some sort of video or audio content playing in the background whether its endless episodes of The Office or a funky podcast from Hamish and Andy. This experience that I am indulged in might not be good for me but it definitely helps me feel more comfortable and concentrated at the same time on the game at hand.

A huge feature in the pioneer online streaming services like Netflix and Stan is the fact that there are no ads. In my opinion, this is a huge advantage for these platforms as it gives them another plus over televisions. These streaming services also offer the ability to watch multiple shows or movies across multiple devices simultaneously. With this being featured across these platforms compared to television, it almost eliminates the idea of little kids or even adults fighting over which channel they want to watch at a certain time. A part of the lecture that I found interesting was the idea of “Cocooning”, which is a term that refers to an individual who watches content on their devices in the comfort of their own bed or room when no one is around in the private home. It has proven to be very important in an individuals self discovery.

One discovery I made was once my Dad bought a Netflix subscription, everyone in the family found out and now all we watch is Netflix and a little bit of television on occasion (obviously we watch MAFS). Sometimes I love just laying in bed watching Netflix on the TV, its really peaceful and I can still go on my phone and text my mates and just chill out.


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