Digital Surroundings.

For the majority of my life, I have been constantly surrounded by technology due to my Dad having a job in the field as well as myself having the desire to seek new technology and consistently adding more and more to my life. Nowadays, most industries have moved from paper-based materials to more technology-based materials which can be beneficial due to the Cloud and easily being able to access different resources.

My experience at UOW has been amazing but also heavily technology-filled. Lately, I have come to the realisation that not only UOW but also many other universities have a large use of technology. One thing that I have noticed is UOW has more digital signage than any other place I have been to, not even my own neighbourhood. It is absolutely crazy how much energy these screens are using and although they are projecting useful information, I feel it would be more economically beneficial for UOW if they decided switch back to paper-based billboards and signage.

The degree that I am currently undertaking, Bachelor of Communications and Media, is largely inclusive of social media platforms as well as blogs as a way of networking with other students and staff personnel. In other words, my degree is literally is based around technology and the way in which I interact with it around campus. In my opinion, the amount of technology available on campus has actually changed the way in which students learn at the University.

When you really think about it, all of our submissions are done through either Moodle or Turnitin which are both online platforms, all of our subject work is on its own Moodle site, and majority of the lectures are recorded and posted to Echo 360 which is also an online platform. This is not just occurring within the Communications and Media degree but is occurring within and throughout all degrees at the University, which really shows how much the University uses technology and how it is a key basis for all resources and materials.



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