A Surreal Cinematic Experience.

Like many others, my overall cinematic experience has been great due to just being excited to see a movie with my mates or the fact that a huge screen is projecting a piece of art with stunning audio and video. One experience that I recently had stood out the most to me and that was the viewing of the much anticipated masterpiece that is Avengers: EndgameGrowing up I loved superheroes but once the Marvel Cinematic Universe came into fruition, I instantly became a fan. I wasn’t too huge on the actual comic books but I definitely would read and watch a lot of content online about the superheroes and all that good stuff. Through my teens, the MCU became a huge part of my life, I would always be writing little comic pieces based on my own superheroes that I had created, the MCU gave me that imagination.

Once I watched Avengers: Infinity War and I instantly knew there was going to be a fourth instalment of the Avengers which made me very excited. We get to the cinemas around 9:20 for a 9:30 film start and honestly, the night sessions are always the best because it’s not as packed and there’s just a good vibe about going out to see a late movie. Boy was I surprised! The cinema was absolutely packed, almost sold out. I wasn’t that mad about it though because it adds to the whole cinematic experience especially with this film in particular being so popular with its fans as well as it just generally being a huge blockbuster film from a hugely successful franchise. Coming into the cinema for a much anticipated film, my mates and I went for the Vmax experience because the screen was bigger and the Dolby ATMOS sound quality was definitely needed for a film of this calibre. Walking into a packed cinema and finding our seats directly in the middle of the cinema with perfect centre alignment to the big screen (I had to get the best seats LOL), it was a very exciting and nervous moment for me as being an avid MCU and Marvel fan, the fate of the Avengers was on the line in this epic finish to a largely successful legacy. The movie is 3 hours long so we were in for quite a long toilet break-less ride.

After finishing the movie, I was in such a great mood and the experience that I had in that cinema was unbelievable. A lot of emotions were being combined at once and a lot of tears were shed throughout the film due to my love for not only the Avengers but the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. I felt as if I’d grown up with these characters and that I’ve finally been able to experience what their final appearances were especially with both Iron Man and Captain America.

Hope you got some insight into my cinematic experience and I’d love to hear your feedback.

Peace out, stay classy peeps ✌🏽




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