BCM212 Task 3 – Reflection

The survey I have conducted, while being seen as quite successful in my eyes, had several weaknesses. The first problem I encountered with this assessment was clearly my time management. I always seem to leave my assessments to the last minute which especially hasn’t helped me in this assessment as I didn’t have as many responses as I was hoping for. The small sample size that I had definitely didn’t help me and I really wish that I could go back in time and do all of this earlier to ensure that I would have a much larger sample size as it would increase the amount of data I would have collected as well as having more evidence for certain topics. I also believe that having the consent form as just a title page instead of a question would’ve been more beneficial as having the consent form as a question took away the opportunity to add a relevant tenth question that could’ve related to the Mozart Effect.

I also firmly believe that the topic I chose to research was not the best choice as there wasn’t enough academic sources online that were relevant to my research. It was quite a stressful time writing my opinion piece without using any academic sources, I had to rely on articles and blog entry which in all honesty, was definitely not the best option.

Overall, I am content with the effort that I put into this assessment. More work could have been put into time management as well as the actual research into the topic. For future assessments, I need to manage my time better and be more intuitive with my learning.

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