Digital Artefact: Making.

Throughout this, now, 3 stage process I have learned a lot of new ways to promote, create and be bothered to actually post content on different platforms. As you might’ve seen in the previous two modules, I’m currently running a ‘brand’ called Hardwood Rundown that is attached to both Instagram and YouTube (YouTube has been incorporated back into my DA due to the cure of laziness) as well as Reddit which I’m quite new to but I’m really enjoying all the content that I can find and how I can express my ideas to a community that have the same common interests as me.

At the start of this process, I was really keen to start a YouTube channel as it has always been a hobby that I wanted to look further into. But with this, came unbelievable laziness which I have experienced before, however not to this level. I was never bothered to post to either of my two accounts and it was really hurting my Uni work. This leads into the Prototyping stage which was a huge step for me as I finally started to upload content to Instagram as well as incorporating Reddit because I was posting good content on there and felt like it would immensely help me in terms of gaining experience and confidence.

Now, when it comes to the actual Making of my Digital Artefact, it can be simple and easy at times but at other times it can be somewhat complicated and annoying.

My Instagram process goes as follows:

Screenshot scores post from the Official NBA Instagram page > post the same post on my DA Instagram page > change the caption to be more of my style > use the hashtag bank provided by Social Draft.

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 4.01.23 pm.png

My Reddit process goes as follows:

Find a topic to talk about > write up about half a page of notes about the topic whilst incorporating information from different sources > compress the notes into a 4-5 line post > wait for all the upvotes and comments to steam-train onto your post.

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 4.06.06 pm.png

The process for my YouTube channel is a bit different since it takes a lot more effort and time to make good content. I set up my game capture device and play a game on the PS4. Whilst doing that, I have my webcam and microphone running to ensure that my commentary is at a high quality. And once I’ve recorded my video, I have to edit it in Final Cut Pro X which is an expensive software but it’s worth it to me. I find some cool beats and slap it over the commentary and render the video. I make a nifty thumbnail in Photoshop, come up with a good name for the video and BOOM! The video is ready to upload…

One source that I found to be helpful was RapidTags. It is a free, online service that provides tags for your YouTube video depending on what the title of your video is.

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 4.07.37 pm.png

Although my DA has come a long way, the brand image is still a little outdated to me. So what I did was ask my good friend, McGregor, to pretty much revamp my brand with an entirely new aesthetic. He made me a new Avatar for YouTube and Twitter whilst also making me a pretty sick channel banner which I actually love so much!


So it comes to an end.

I’ve failed A LOT throughout this process but to see the end results make me so happy and I’m 100% going to continue running my brand as I hope to gain more experience and hopefully it can help me get a job one day.

Thanks for coming on the ride with me!

I appreciate you all,


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  1. I think its so good you turned something you genuinely love doing into a hobby. I feel like the key to this subject and creating good content is that you have to actually love what you post and be interested in it. I also think it’s good that you have spread your ideas over multiple platforms. That is a great way to gain exposure to your other accounts! The use of tags on your videos too would be great for engagement. This link describes the benefits to tagging your videos. Great job and good luck with your DA in the future!!

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  2. Your process has clearly been successful, and is great that your artefact is based off your hobby! It’s cool to see you didn’t just share your content on Instagram, but rather multiple platforms and found the motivation to post on youtube! Hopefully through reddit and Instagram you can get even more engagement. You could even post featured snippets of your youtube videos onto your Instagram account, so when viewers watch it, will lead them to going onto your profile and wanting to watch the whole video, and by creating cool covers for your videos will make them pleasing to the eye.
    Congrats you did great 🙂

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