Week 10: Digital Resistance.


This week’s topic is digital resistance and ‘hacktivism’.

The ongoing development of the internet has given everyone the idea that all information needs to be free and available for anyone.

Majority of us know that this isn’t the case. Upper-class organisations such as the government have several secrets protected by endless amounts of firewalls, which is where the concept of ‘hacktivism’ comes into play.

Hacktivism is the act of misusing a computer system or network for a socially or politically motivated reason. Individuals who perform hacktivism are known as hacktivists.

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 1.40.23 pm.png

There are several motives behind the use of hacking but the most common reason is that these people believe in the freedom of information. Hackers do this so that people can decode the information into what they think is the right information and what is not.

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  1. Hey Jack! I like your post, you clearly define what it means to be a hacktivist as opposed to simply hacking. Yet in reference to your remediation, I do not believe that it is responsible or professional of government agencies to produce misleading/incorrect information to the public, nor to intentionally withhold it. I view hacktivism to be a movement that promotes freedom, human rights, and human equality concerning the flow of information. Hacktivist’s that adhere to ethical practices (such as Julian Assange) do not “make people riot”; they steal protected government files, and simply make the information public. What the public chooses to do with the information is their own decision. The role of the Hacktivist is to give choice back the public, a choice which is otherwise stolen when information is privatised.

    With love,


  2. Cool blog post, do you think hacktivists have the right idea and as a user, we should have free access to all information, or do you think if we did have access to all information and nothing was withheld that moral panics would just happen amongst society. Do you think the government is trying to possibly protect us by hiding information from us?

    – Shay

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  3. Hi jack! Great work with this weeks blog post, it was short, clear and concise which made it really simple to understand this concept. My only suggestion would be to possibly add in an example, possibly from a news story or an article? Great work!


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