Digital Artefact: Prototyping.

So a few things have happened since I pitched my project as well as the previous digital artefact blog post.

Although I said I’d be posting regularly on both Instagram and YouTube, I have done the complete opposite and that comes down to my laziness which I’m not too happy about. I think I’ve always had good ideas but I’ve never been motivated to turn those ideas into content and it definitely lets down my digital artefact in terms of consistency.

I have decided to change up my digital artefact since I’m not finding much success as I’m realising that doing a basketball-based Instagram account is REALLY boring when its the offseason. NBA 2K19 came out for PS4 recently and I’ve been recording some gameplay on there which I’m going to soon edit and upload to YouTube and I am SO excited for that because I love the game and used to upload videos of it when I was younger.

I’ve also decided to incorporate my Reddit account into my digital artefact as I am having some quality engagement on the platform. I decided to add this because of a huge post that I made about who I think will be the MVP for next season in the NBA and the stats speak for itself…

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 3.16.10 pm.png

It was so surprising when I first saw the initial engagement I had with the community and was awesome because I always love expressing my opinions on the NBA and to see such a positive outcome from that was such an eye opener and it made me really happy.

Throughout the somewhat-progression of my digital artefact, there have been many ups and downs but mostly downs which is an indication that I need to ‘pull my finger out’ and get to work! I do love social media and expressing opinions and playing games and I want to showcase all this passion and I promise that I will.

So with that being said, if you have any suggestions on what I should try or add to my DA then just comment down below and let me know because I’d love to hear what you have to say!



3 thoughts on “Digital Artefact: Prototyping.

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  1. Hey Jack 🙂 Nice job on the DA so far, granted you did change your idea due to the hassle of posting basketball content in the offseason. Although with this in mind your idea to go to Reddit in order to get more engagement was a good move, and as you saw you got really good positive engagement! Also, you mentioned that you were really passionate about the new NBA 2K game, this sounds like a really good way to start off your potential Youtube Career. have a geez at that link it gives some really good tips to people starting out on Youtube just like you. In all good job keep up the good work can’t wait to see the videos 🙂

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  2. Hey Jack!
    I think the idea of breaking and then re making your DA is great! This process would allow the concept of prototyping to be prevalent as you begin to post content you truly love and enjoy creating. I think experiencing the whole ‘FEFO’ concept allows you to realise that a DA must fit the whole FIST mentality, which your gaming YouTube channel seems to fit perfectly. I think also including reddit occasionally could be a positive thing for your DA as you can talk to other people with similar interests and promote your YouTube channel more, which can help increase engagement and audience outreach.
    Keen to see more content from you!

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  3. Yo Jack! I have had the same problem with laziness ! I completely agree with the new idea and it is great to see you are seeking to post more content on a different platform although still keeping the context of basketball in there! I would suggest bringing back the youtube channel and begin posting heaps of good 2K content for all! I have no doubt the channel would be great.

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