Week 8: Bridges Made of Pebbles.

This weeks topic is focused on the idea of figurative bridges that are made out of pebbles as well as the conceptual shift of social media.

As we know, there are two ways we consume media, passive and active. Passively consuming media is an old idea that focuses on the simplistic viewing of media and taking in all the information and news that was provided. An active consumer is a person who uses social media to engage with content, discuss ideas, or debate about certain topics in their everyday life.

A gate-watcher is a person or media company that filters content for the user’s consumption and making the user decode a certain message.

Due to a drastic conceptual shift as well as the increased use of social media, ‘gate-watcher’ idea has been entirely prohibited on the internet and different media platforms.

Information flows is valuable in this instance as the making of a ‘bridge of pebbles’ via a platform such as Reddit requires the use of contributing to a conversation by using hashtags and engaging in trending arguments on a certain topic.

The ‘pebbles’ in this case would be the information being sourced out and contributed to a topic. Therefore, the more interaction and engagement gained from a conversation starts to create this figurative bridge that brings together connected ideas and interests globally.

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 8.30.32 pm.png

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  1. hi Jack, your thoughts on the dialogical flow of information are quite interesting and help reinforce my understand of the bridge of pebbles analogy. I’m just wondering if you think we would have the same type of pebble bridges if we didn’t have trending or suggested tabs through social media and content platforms?

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