Week 7: Apple vs. Android.

Hey guys,

This week’s topic was based on the battle between Apple and Android.

For so long, consumers have been purchasing Apple products as they are comfortable with the company as well as the ecosystem that Apple provides, ranging from phones to watches.


Android has been on a rapid rise for the past few years and one main reason for that is the offering of freedom across Android devices. Android allows its users to download applications from almost any source and it is this ‘freedom’ that sets Android and Apple apart.

Apple devices are a walled garden as users can only download applications from the Apple App Store. It is a safe way to use technology and secures your device from bugs and glitches that you might find in other Android devices. This is a HUGE reason why Apple have such a loyal customer base, because of its simplistic ecosystem and security.

Android is basically an open source software as it allows users to completely customise THEIR mobile device or tablet. Anyone can contribute to the success of Android, therefore giving the users control.

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 12.10.51 pm.png



3 thoughts on “Week 7: Apple vs. Android.

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  1. Hi Jack you make good points about the desire for control on android devices but could the user also just be seeking a more affordable option, which can be provided by android phones that manufactures only need to recoup physical device design and manufacture costs and not the management process that a walled garden requires?


  2. I agree that Android has definitely been on the rise in the past few years and this is because of the freedom and control they have over their devices. However, I also believe many people choose Android for its affordability and possibly to just say they got an Andriod because they didn’t want to jump on the iPhone bandwagon. You make some really good points in your post but would love to see some sources to back up your points, I found this article that could potentially be helpful! https://www.lifewire.com/iphone-vs-android-best-smartphone-2000309


  3. Hey Jack,
    I feel like you have made some really good points here. It shows you really understand the topic well. I was surprised to hear about the rising number of Android users. Especially since there are so many memes online about people refusing to buy Andriod products and are so loyal to Apple even though the closed source system isn’t as effective. https://www.howtogeek.com/217593/android-is-open-and-ios-is-closed-but-what-does-that-mean-to-you/ this article helped me a lot if you would like to read further about this topic.


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