Week 6: iFeudals.

Hey everyone,

This week’s topic is the feudalisation of the internet.

The comparison between the 15th century feudal system to the current era walled gardens and companies that provide safe security for information.

Feudalism is a lax and highly contested term. It is a patchwork of practices scattered over centuries. The economy is land-based and the slaves work for free but the feudal lord controls all aspects of land use.

The Internet.

All nodes must be equal in the online feudal system. The information network must be independent of the infrastructure over which it runs as well as all the decision making residing with these nodes, while the medium is as non-specialised as possible.

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 11.52.00 am.png

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  1. Hi jack it is interesting to see the comparison explored between the feudal system and the walled gardens of the internet. But does this also apply to the internet as a whole currently or is it limited to within their walled gardens?

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