Week 5: The attention economy and the long-tail effect.

Hey guys,

This week was primarily focused on the attention economy and the everlasting effect it has.

In a paradigm that all of us are familiar with, people’s main consumption of media came from television and radio. This is called ‘legacy media’, a concept focused on the delivery of information and knowledge to consumers.

Due to a significant paradigm shift of giving users the opportunities and capabilities of the internet, every user on the internet can broadcast almost anything to almost anywhere with a few clicks of a mouse or trackpad or a finger.

YouTube is a key component in this paradigm shift as it created a foundation for a new way to access this knowledge and information. But since there is a lot of choice as to what we watch on the internet, us users are encouraged to choose whatever we’d like to watch.


2 thoughts on “Week 5: The attention economy and the long-tail effect.

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  1. Hi Jack, your thoughts are interesting as now in this new network it might also be worth considering that within this paradigm shift we and our ‘attention’ in our choices with what we view determine the financial viability of many things in this new paradigm

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  2. I agree that YouTube has a huge role in the paradigm shift towards the attention economy. The medium lends itself to longer, TV episode-like video files (especially with the newer monetisation system requiring 10min+ videos to add extra ad-rolls), uploaded to user-generated ‘channels’. Because of this, YouTube is a free network of video content, just like free-to-air television, however compared to the latter it has a HUGE amount and variety of content to be consumed, as it is not limited by a centralised network model. As you’ve said Jack, YouTube users are encouraged to choose what to watch by creating their own aggregation of content in a personalised subscription feed. This is what makes our attention so important in the ‘attention economy’, there’s just so much stuff on the internet that one person can’t consume it all in their lifetime. So, user traffic and attention needs to be funnelled into one product to boost its visibility and snowball its mass consumption. I recommend you check out this website here, called ‘Every Second’; http://www.everysecond.io/youtube
    It really puts into perspective just how much stuff is on YouTube, pretty crazy to think about. I can’t imagine how big Google’s server rooms are at this point. Also great remediation, who doesn’t love some glitch aesthetics.


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