Week 2: A Global Nervous System.

“OK Google, play ‘Without Me’ by Eminem.”

Guess who’s back, back again? Me, Jack!

In this week’s lecture, Ted spoke about the telegraph, one of the most revolutionary pieces of technology that has ever been developed. He also spoke about the linking that the telegraph has to our current technology-filled era.

In many ways, we are still living in the age of the telegraph, rather than the age of the Internet. The conceptual tools that were developed to explain the world of the telegraph are still the same tools that were developed to explain the world of the internet. I find this really interesting as I didn’t even know that the telegraph has such an impact on our everyday life.

For my remediation this week, I decided to make a meme that gives a little insight into what the first successful transAtlantic cable was aiming to achieve compared to its first faulty launch.

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 7.07.57 pm.png

Have a good week,



3 thoughts on “Week 2: A Global Nervous System.

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  1. Hey Jack,
    I do find it interesting that the telegraph has been so influential to the way we still live today. Rather than living in age of the telegraph still however, I see it that the internet itself serves in a way as a remediation of the telegraph, but with so much more potential.

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  2. Hi Jack, Cool post this week I like how you spoke about the telegraph being a huge start to the technological world, with tropes such as the internet developed as a result of the first biggest technological advancement, which is a credit to Samuel Morse who was the telegraphs creator.

    Keep up the sick posts!

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  3. Hi Jack,

    Nice meme about the ‘failure’ of the first transatlantic cable, but even though it was not what they had hoped for it was leaps and bounds above anything they had before to communicate and despite it being removed it was a great stepping stone to the internet we all now know an love today. i explore the impacts of this a bit with my meme here : http://jaz.zguy.com/?p=211


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