The Future of Hardwood Rundown… Above you can see a 3-and-a-bit minute video that details what my intentions are for the remainder of this session with my YouTube channel 'Hardwood Rundown'. It has been a rough few weeks, I haven't uploaded and I definitely haven't stuck to my schedule. Just to rehash what I am doing, I will be... Continue Reading →

Let’s Review Japan! Vol. 1

There is a consistent theme throughout this peer review and it comes from two great projects from two of my good friends, Isabella and Nick! Nick has focused primarily on the aesthetics of Japan, whereas Isabella has focused on the top places to visit in Japan and I believe that it is a really nice... Continue Reading →

The Finale: The Future of Microtransactions.

Throughout this semester for my BCM325 Digital Artefact, I have been focusing on a unique topic but one that a lot of people talk about including the government in the US. Lootboxes or microtransactions and its future in sports video gaming is a continuation from last semester in 2019 where I focused on microtransactions and... Continue Reading →

Hoopsquad – The Final Countdown.

Damn! It has been a long and tiring semester but we have finally reached the end of the session and you know what that means...Project Dossier time! For my project this semester, I decided to create a print 'n' play basketball trading card game called Hoopsquad. It is a simple, strategic game that is influenced... Continue Reading →

The Finale: Live Tweeting Weeks 6-12

The session is coming to a close and so has the live-tweeting sessions that I have undertaken when watching films for my Future Cultures class. This is an experience that I have thoroughly enjoyed and I believe that I have learned a lot about different perspectives of different futures and the film choices have been... Continue Reading →

Hoopsquad: An Update

Hey everyone, So far my progress on Hoopsquad has been very minimal but I am working on a few game mechanics. The rules are still being put together. This has been a rollercoaster ride of a semester with a lot of demotivation. I haven't done much work on Hoopsquad but have basically come up with... Continue Reading →

The Future Beta: A Review

G'day peeps, The following post is a summary of the feedback I have given to three selected peers based on their DA betas and their progress throughout the projects they have undertaken so far. The aim of this review is to assist my peers with the future progress of their DA. The three peers I... Continue Reading →

Memetic Soccer: My Contribution.

Hey! It's Jack and the following post describes my contribution to the group project for BCM300 - Game Experience Design. I am in a group with three other group members, Nick Childs, Thomas Talevski and Kendal Louis. Overall, a determined and creative group who, as a team, have come up with a great idea for... Continue Reading →

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